NEW ODSEVEN RASPBERRY PI 2X40 Colour-coded Double Row Pin Male GPIO Header for Pi Zero

This 2X40 Double Row Pin Male Header is a great way to add pins to 2x40 0.1" holes in a PCB. There are black and colorful 0.1" 2X40 double row pin male header strip copper-plated colorful with Raspberry Pi,so you can choose the one you like. They're also perfect companion piece that you can buy by looking through our Odseven Raspberry Pi home page. Moreover, You can cut these down to different sizes fairly easily. First, count how many positions you want as the final piece, then cut the next pin's plastic in the middle. You can clean off the half-spot with a file or diagonal cutters. 

Colour-coded GPIO pins that make locating that ground or power connection you need super simple!

These 80-pin 2x40 male headers from our friends at ODSEVEN can be used on a Raspberry Pi Zero and are colour-coded for your prototyping convenience.

You'll never have to search for a ground pin again!

The colour coding is nice and simple:

Red = 5V
Yellow = 3V3
Black = GND
Blue = DNC (Reversed I2C)
For hard-mode try installing the header the wrong way round and throwing away your normal pin reference! ;-)

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