ODSEVEN New Customized Raspberry Pi Budget Pack With PCB Breadboard And HC-SR04 Transducer Sensor

ODSEVEN Private Customized Raspberry Pi Budgrt Pack:

1 Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor for Arduino HCSR04 DC 5V IO Trigger Sensor Module

2 20pcs 1 Channel Tracing Module/1 Way Intelligent Vehicle TCRT5000 Tracker Sensor

1 TCRT5000 infrared reflective sensor

Dupont Cable 20cm Soft Silicon wire 24AWG 1Pin Female to Male Jumper Wire

Solderless PCB Breadboard Test Develop DIY White

5 Diffused Red/Blue/Green/White/Yellow 3mm LED (25 pack) 

Micro USB to USB Cable for Fast Charge Data Cable Mobile Phone Cable

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