A3967SLBT Stepping Motor Drive Module Board DIY Laser Engraving Machine


The stepper motor usually defines a step angle or step parameter. The general motor rotation is divided into 200 steps, that is, the step angle is 1.8 degrees, and the EasyDriver has a step distance subdivision function. The subdivision of this drive plate is 8 subdivision, which means that each step of the motor is subdivided into 8 small steps, so that more precise control can be obtained. That is to say, EasyDriver needs 1600 steps to complete a complete 360 degree rotation.

MS1 and MS2 are the logic inputs of stepper motor subdivision resolution selection.

Dir is the choice of the motor running direction.

Reset is used to reset the initial value of the chip and shield all external output.

Step is a pulse input port;

Out1a, out1b, out2a and out2b are the two pairs of output ports of the H bridge.

Enable is an enabling end;

Sleep is a sleep pattern;

Sense1 and sense2 are the current detection resistors for the H bridge.

Ref is a reference voltage;

GND is logically and power.

RC1 and RC2 are the analog input of the fixed cut-off time of the H bridge.
A3967SLB is a PWM constant current controlled micro step drive biphase stepper motor driven by allegro. Its working voltage can reach 30V, drive current reaches 750ma, and a A3967SLB can drive a two phase stepper motor, which can realize 8 subdivision driving. The PWM current control circuit inside the chip can be set to slow, fast, and mix three current attenuation modes by adding the voltage to the PFD. If the voltage of the PFD end is higher than 0.6vdd, the slow attenuation mode is selected. If it is lower than 0.21vdd, the fast attenuation mode is selected. It is a mixed attenuation mode between the two. In addition, A3967SLB can provide perfect protection measures, including suppressing transient voltage, overheating protection, preventing current through, undervoltage self locking, and other functions.

There is no need for additional interface circuits between A3967SLB and microprocessor. The chip is easystepper.

The interface, the 8 control lines reduced 2 (step and direction), as long as the simple input control of the pulse of the stepping motor, the embedded converter can realize the control of the stepping motor.

A3967SLB also needs some resistors and capacitors to adjust its working parameters. The whole driving circuit is very simple.


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