Pre-order M12 Lens Set for Raspberry Pi Camera (1/4") and Arduino


In order to meet the increasing market demands for more lens options to address different use cases,
ODSEVEN selected and tested a wide range of M12 mount optimal lenses from long focus to fisheye for shooting on your Raspberry Pi or Arduino cameras.
It’s now much easier for you to get the best lens you’ll need,
and we will keep the lens list growing in the near future.

This kit includes 10 M12 Lenses to cover almost any angles of view
you’ll ever need, 10°/20°/40°/60°/80°/100°/120°/140°/160°/200° respectively
on a 1/4” Pi Camera like OV5647 and IMX219. M12 lens holders, screws, specifications
and even cleaning cloth are also in the box.

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