When we coincidentally found a potential cool alpha boards-Raspberry Pi in 2010, we decided to focus on the market of it and its accessories. We aimed to create a best environment for wholesale electronics and supply the best Raspberry Pi products for our customers.

For about 8 years, we had accumulated enough experience for the needs of Raspberry Pi products. In addition, we have already open numbers of mold to meet specific requests of Raspberry Pi users.
It is important to notice that we have also developed numbers of our exclusive products. For example, Raspberry Pi Zero Camera, Fish Eye Camera, Raspberry Pi 7inch Screen, Raspberry Pi Case, Zero Kits, Zero Pin Header and do the custom OEM starter kits including LED kits, Resistor kits, Robot kits, Wire spool kits, Raspberry Pi Starter kits etc.

Open source hardware: maker produces an electronic product with skin, skeleton, internal organs and soul. 3D printing speeds up the solution of the first two problems and the rest of process belongs to the open source hardware.
The appearance of open source hardware represented by Raspberry Pi and Arduino gives a chance for everyone to become a maker.

The idea was to make an experimental model to solve this problem and then to make engineering samples that could be designed and produced. As a result, some products may go from engineering samples to small batch manufacturing. If the demand of this kind of requests increases, the mineral business will become mass.
In this situation, we can provide open source technology and modules, as well as proofing and small batch manufacturing services (generally in the order of 1 to 10,000).
"Sometimes it may take more than 50 materials to make a small board and it is difficult for individual innovators to complete the whole process of purchasing, quality monitoring, R&D, production, supply chain management, sales and delivery. It can’t be done in individual factory or company."

We are the supplier who can transform your ideas into real goods by giving all kinds of materials you need.
Please tell us your idea, we will make the specific custom hardware (plan) for you.

If you want to do the OEM kits, feel free to email us.