Speed Control Fan DC 5V 4010/3007 3 Pin PWM Quiet Fan for Raspberry Pi



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Compatible with all Raspberry Pi series --- Raspberry Pi 4,Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi Model B+,etc.
High performance cooling fan
The DC 5V cooling fan run smoothly and quietly and it's good for heat dissipation of Raspberry Pi. It can be assembled easily by screws.Fan Size:40x40x10mm;Acousitical Noise (AVG.):20.1dB(A)
Support PWM Speed Regulation
This fan can be adjusted by PWM.
The official Raspberry Pi OS supports the speed adjustment function.
You can also control the speed of the fan by controlling the GPIO pin through a third-party program.
Package Includes
2 x 5V Adjustable speed fan for RPi
8 x M3x16 Lone screw
8 x M3 Nut


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