2x20 pin Straight Male Shrouded PCB IDC Box Header for Odseven Raspberry Pi


This handy 2x20 IDC Box Header is the matching connector for our 40-pin GPIO Cable. By soldering this onto perf board you can run a GPIO cable from your Pi A+/B+/Pi 2/Pi 3 to the socket. This socket only works for the Raspberry Pi Model A+/B+/Pi 2/Pi 3 GPIO cables.  It does not work with the Raspberry Pi Model B GPIO cables. It is just the socket. Thanks for your attention, we are looking forward to providing you with the best buying experience in our Odseven store, and hoping you will have a nice shopping!


  • 9mm x 58mm x 12mm / 0.35" x 2.3" x 0.5"

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