Raspberry Pi Camera Adjustable-Focus Module 5MP OV5647 Webcam Video 1080p


This kit includes RPi Camera, Fill light, 15cm 15 pin FFC adapter, 50cm 15 pin FFC adapter

This Camera supports Night Vision and it can Adjustable-Focus. Supports all revisions of the Pi 5 megapixel OV5647 sensor.Supports connecting infrared LED and/or fill flash LED.Provides 3.3V power output;Diagonal : 75.7 degree; Sensor best resolution : 1080p
FILL LIGHT: These two fill lights will give a dark lighting environment to camera, let it with enough light to take a clear pictures.
ADAPTER CABLES: The length of these 15pin FFC adapters are 15cm and 50cm. You can change the length and extension them convenienctly and timely.
CAMERA MOUNT: This camera mount make from acrylic material, it will hold the camera securely, will help you to take more clear pisctures.

Camera Specifications:
CMOS size : 1/4 inch
Aperture (F) : 1.8
Focal Length : 3.6MM (adjustable)
Diagonal : 75.7 degree
Sensor best resolution : 1080p
4 screw holes
Used for attachment
Provides 3.3V power output
Supports connecting infrared LED and/or fill flash LED
Dimension : 25mm * 24mm

Package Including
1 * RPi Night Vision Camera
1 * 15 cm 15 pin FFC adapter
1 * 50 cm 15 pin FFC adapter

Technical Details:

Please download the camera user guide  here.

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