Wholesale PVC Heat Shrink Tubing Tube For 18650 18500 Battery Shrink Film


Each Length: 72mm/ 2.8inch; Temperature Range: -40C to +105C
Color:pink/blue/Clear/Yellow/Green/purple/Black/red/Silver/Green fruit/Grass-green/Transparent Blue
Package includes : 1 x 240 Pcs (12 colors x 20pcs) Heat Shrink Tubing
ODSEVEN customized product

Rated voltage:300V
Shrinking temperature: 80C
Shrinking rate: 48%(cross section)and 8%(longitudinal)
Heating tool: hot air gun
Feasture:Flame retardant, environmental protection, insulation, soft, stable performance, low
temperature shrinkage, shrinking fast, etc. Applicance: used for Single 18650 /18500 Li-Ion Battery Covering.
The Battery is not included.

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