8MP IMX219-160 Camera Compatible with Jetson Nano 3280×2464 Resolution



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8MP IMX219-160 Camera Features
Supports Jetson Nano Developer Kit,Compute Module 3/3+,(Note: Jetson Nano Developer Kit ,and CM 3/3+ are NOT included)
8 Megapixels
Sensor: IMX219
Resolution: 3280 x 2464
Lens specifications:
CMOS size: 1/4inch
Aperture (F): 2.35
Focal Length: 3.15mm
Angle of View (diagonal): 160 degree
Distortion: <14.3%
4 screw holes
Used for attachment
Provides 3.3V power output
Dimension: 25mm x 24mm
Combined with the Jetson Nano AI computer, this camera suits for AI projects such as:
Face recognition
Road mark detection
License plate recognition
Package Content
1.IMX219-160 Camera x1
2.15-pin FFC (opposite sides contact) x1
Note:The included FFC is 16cm, if you need a longer cable, please consider: Raspberry Pi Camera Cable FFC 60cm


1pcs camera module+1pcs flex cable

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