HDMI to RCA Audio and NTSC or PAL Video Adapter




Do you have a display, television, projector or some other older device that isn't compatible with your HDMI devices? Here's an adapter that will allow you to convert HDMI from your modern computer or game system to NTSC/PAL, for older screens and devices that might not have an HDMI input.

This mini HDMI to AV signal converter will convert HDMI video signal or audio signal to CVBS (either NTSC or PAL selectable) composite video signal and left/right stereo audio signals. A switch on the side will select between standard 480i NTSC or 576i PAL. Note that you will get some degradation of signal just by the fact that you'll be converting HD video down to a low-rez display. That said, for many older devices, such as TVs, CRTs, VCRs, projectors, DVD recorders, game console, etc. you may not have a choice. Just be aware that it won't turn your 1990 TV into an HDMI-quality display!


Compatible HDMI1.3, Supports HDMI input from 480i to 1080P. 3D and HDCP not supported (so turn off HDCP on your device)
Selectable NTSC or PAL standard TV format outputs
Also separates out the HDMI audio signal into left and right line level output.
No need to install drivers! The adapter is portable, flexible, plug and play
Package includes: Converter, USB Power Cable and User Manual

Adapter body dimensions: 68mm x 55mm x 21mm
Cable length: 28" / 760mm
Powered via mini USB cable, plug into any USB hub, computer, or USB wall adapter (not included)
Product Weight: 36.0g / 1.3oz

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