18 Values 1/4W 1% Resistor Kit Assortment 0 Ohm-1M Ohm (Pack of 575)



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This resistor kit is great for your electronics projects.
Also, the package contains color code guide which helps to read the resistance value. ±1% tolerance, 1/4W metal film which contains 18 different values of resistors where each value is individually packed and labeled in a reusable box. Total containing 575 resistors.
More humanized design with 50 pcs frequently used resistors (100, 220, 330,1k, 10k Ohm) and 25 pcs seldom used resistors. Color Code Guide helps you read the resistance.

Included Values:
25x 0 Ω ±1%
25x 10 Ω ±1%
25x 20 Ω ±1%
25x 47 Ω ±1%
25x 470 Ω ±1%
25x 2.2k Ω ±1%
25x 4.7k Ω ±1%
25x 22k Ω ±1%
25x 47k Ω ±1%
25x 100k Ω ±1%
25x 220k Ω ±1%
25x 470k Ω ±1%
25x 1M Ω ±1%
50x 100 Ω ±1%
50x 220 Ω ±1%
50x 330 Ω ±1%
50x 1k Ω ±1%
50x 10k Ω ±1%
Simple and generous packaging: Plastic case + PP bag

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