Odseven 50-pin 0.5mm New Pitch FFC FPC Flexible Cable for Raspberry Pi




Odseven 50-pin 0.5mm new pitch FFC FPC cable for Raspberry Pi  are super thin and flexible. They're often used in electronics when a a round cable would be too bulky, especially if you're dealing with 50 contacts like this one! This cable has 50 pins, 0.5mm pitch, and is 250mm long.   It pairs well with our 50 pin 0.5mm pitch breakout board.  New Pitch FFC FPC flexible cable are suitable for internal wiring in CD/DVD Player, Printers etc.  Check out this handy FPC flexible cable, which will make it easy for you to carry it out.  We can provide all kinds of FFC.Send us your specification ,we'll contact you soon.  

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