Odseven AM2011 Humidity Sensor Temperature and Humidity Module



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AM2011 is a humidity sensitive capacitive temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor signal adopts analog voltage output mode.This module has high precision, high reliability, good consistency, and with temperature compensation, ensure the long-term stability is good, easy to use and the price is low wait for a characteristic, especially suitable for the quality, cost, more demanding enterprise to use.

Power supply voltage DC: 4.2-5.5v
Measurement range (humidity) 0~99.9%RH
Humidity accuracy
Response time temperature: 5s humidity: 5s 1/e(63%)
The attenuation value (temperature) < 0.1 ℃ / year
Attenuation value (humidity) <0.5%RH/ year
Sensor high quality moisture sensitive capacitance
Output signal 0~3V analog voltage signal
The shell material
ABS plastic

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