Odseven Analog Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Module Arduino Compatible



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This module is an analog magnetic field sensor. The strength of the field is given by an analog voltage at the signal pin of the module. The sensor must be connected to GND and 5V of the Arduino board. The output voltage is measured by analog pin A5 on the Arduino board.

The example program measures the output voltage of the sensor and presents the measured value in the serial monitor of the Arduino. The LED on the board flashes at a speed dependent on the strength of the magnetic field. This can be demonstrated with a small magnet.

Analog magnetic sensor module and a digital interface
Built-in 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce a magnetic flash
Black PCB board, made of flame retardant epoxy resin material


Working Voltage: DC 5V
Material: Printed circuit board (PCB)
PCB Board Material: Flame retardant epoxy resin
Standard Forward Voltage: 3.0–4.5V
Current: 8mA
Colour: Black

Chip Length (mm)18
Chip Width (mm)15
Overall Length (mm)25
Overall Width (mm)15

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