Odseven Arcade Button and Switch Quick-Connect Wires - 0.25" Wholesale


Quick connector wire sets make wiring up our arcade-style or metal buttons quicky-quick.
Each wire comes as a 'pair' with two 0.25" quick-connects pre-crimped.
The wires are terminated together in a JST 2.5mm 2-pin connector.
This connector will fit in 0.1" headers, so it's breadboard compatible or you can stick two wires into the end.
Of course, you can chop this off if there's no use for it.

We've found these work best with our:

Massive Arcade Buttons (will fit both the LED and switch contacts)
Large Arcade Buttons(will fit both the LED and switch contacts)
Micro Switch with Wire

But they are not compatible with our smaller LED and mini arcade and buttons.

Wire length (including connectors): 215mm / ~8.5"

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