Odseven Brass M2.5 Standoffs 16mm tall - Black Plated - Pack of 2 Wholesale



Finally we get our very own super sweet sixteen... 16 millimeters that is! Our Black Plated M/F Brass 16mm Standoffs are engineered specifically to keep your PiTFT or other Pi accessories with extra tall headers properly secured while also keeping the two boards separated. These standoffs can also be screwed into each other just like the 11mm versions (made for PiHATs).

Each order comes with two standoffs and two hex nuts.

Raspberry Pi and PiTFTs are not included!


Dimensions (one standoff): 16mm body x 6mm screw / 0.6" x 0.2"
M2.5 screw size (both ends)
Weight (one standoff): 2.5g

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