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5V DC 42kHz Cat Shape Ultrasonic Module Support Scratch 3.0 Programming for DIY Smart Robot

The ultrasonic module is an electronic module for measuring distances, measuring from 3cm to 400cm.
Used to help cars avoid obstacles or perform other related distance measurement projects


1. Support Arduino series main control board
2. Support Kittenblock graphical programming
3. High measurement accuracy, 3-400cm (error is less than 1cm)
4. LED and Ultrasound Probes can be Interacted with Graphical Programming


Operating Voltage: 5V DC
Operating temperature: -25~+80℃
Measuring angle: within 30 degrees
Measuring range: 3-400cm
Ultrasonic frequency: 42kHz
Control method: single digital port control
Module size: 48*43*19mm(L*W*H)

Package Included:

1 x Ultrasonic Module

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