Odseven Diffused Red and Green Indicator LED - 18mm Round



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This LED Is super chonky! Bigger than your average LED, it has a big, bold, and beautiful diffused body that measures approximately 18mm diameter. Inside is nestled a bi-color red and green LED, just like you're familiar with. Each with about 2.3V forward voltage. Add a resistor in series and connect to a battery or microcontroller pin for a gorgeous glow. The center pin is the common cathode, so connect that to ground, then use the two outer pins to control the red and green elements inside.

Could be a great addition to a control panel, cosplay, or art project. They go easily into a breadboard and will add that extra cool zing to your project.


DC Forward Rated Current: 25mA per LED
DC Forward Voltage: 2.1V for red, 2.4V for green (approximate)
Operating / Storage Temperature: -40°C To +85°C
Dimensions (DxH) (excluding pins): 17.8 diameter x 10.8mm

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