Odseven JST PH 4-Pin to Female Socket Cable - I2C STEMMA Cable - 200mm



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This cable will let you turn a JST PH 4-pin cable port into 4 individual wires with high-quality 0.1" female sockets on the end.
We're carrying these to match up with any of our boards with 'STEMMA' connectors on them such as the Hallowing or Trellis M4.
Can also be used with any STEMMA breakouts! This one has socket pins, so it could be used to connet to wires or headers.

The wires are even color coded:
Black for GND
Red for V+
White for SDA
Green for SCL
Even though this is a JST PH connector, it will fit into a Seeed Grove connector and have the right matching wires as well.

Wire Length: 7.8" / 200mm
Wire Diameter: 1.6mm
JST Connector: 8.5mm
JST Pitch: 2mm

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