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Tracing sensors, the robot produced essential
Use infrared light to detect anti-interference ability
Sensors to adopt CTRT5000 high sensitivity, stable performance
Working voltage of 5V, the output of the black line low, white line of high output
Exquisite workmanship, with the indicator
Has a fixed bolt hole for easy installation

KY-033 One Channel 3 pin Tracking Path Tracing Module Intelligent Vehicle Probe Infrared Detection Sensor

1. The detection distance, testing the whitepaper is about 2 cm. Depending different color different distance away whiter.

2. Supply voltage:2.5 V ~ 12 V, no more than 12 V. (Note:Use the power supply low voltage, supply voltage is too high sensor life will become short 5 v source is preferred power.)

3. Working current, 5 v 18-20mA. After many tests, sensor hardware set to the current working eighteen twenty ma best performance, manifested mainly in the anti capacity - interference. If you require small power consumption, we can modify, least they can do 5 mA. Take a message may be indicated.

4. The detected objects, final output signal of low level;Has not been detected objects,the final output signal high level.

5. Level TTL sensor output,can work directly with the microcontroller IO port 3.3 V or 5 V connected.

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