Three Terminal Micro Switch w/Roller Lever for arcade buttons and joysticks

Micro-switches are really handy in arcade buttons and joysticks ,or any kind of mechatronics project or when you need a basic sensor.
This switch comes with three terminals (common/normally-open/normally-closed)
This microswitch has a flat metal lever actuator and a roller at the end. The roller makes it a little better for angled actuation. This is a basic micro switch for arcade and mini robots. It is recommended for use with 30VDC and 250mA max.

They are always 'tactile' (clicky feeling), and 'momentary' (the switch closes when pressed, then snaps open once released). They come in a few different varieties (mostly having to do with the contacts and how big the actuator is).We also have kinds with a bump actuator, flat lever and long wire

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