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Arduino robot Kit, rain, rain sensors, monitoring can be used in various weather conditions, and go into several signal and the AO output.

Product introduction:
Sensor using high quality material on both sides, oversize 5.0*4.0 CM, with nickel plated surface against oxidation, electrical conductivity, and life more superior performance;

Comparator output signal clean wave good driving ability, than 15mA;
Power adjust sensitivity;
Rated voltage and 3.3V-5V
Output: digital switching output (0 and 1) and AO analog voltage output;
With fixing bolt holes for easy installation
Small Board PCB dimensions: 3.2cm x 1.4cm
Using wide LM393 voltage comparator
Control panel board size: 3*1.6 MM
A large area of raindrop detection board 5.4*4.0 cm
Connect cable: 20cm

Connected to 5V power supply, power light is on, when there is no water droplets on the induction plate, DO output is high, the switch light is off, and drops on a drop of water, DO for low-level output, switch light is on,
Brush away water drops, but it returned to output high level State.
AO analog outputs, to connect to SCM AD size detection of rainfall over it.
DO TTL digital output can be connected to microcontroller detects rain.

Connection mode:

VCC: supply cathode (3-5V)
GND: connect to power negative
DO:TTL switch signal output
AO: analog signal output

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