Odseven Universal Starter Kit Include UNO R3 Desktop for Arduino




Product description

Universal Starter Kit for Arduino ,included UNO R3 desktop. ESP 8266 WIFI module not included in W / Ultrasonic LCD display obstacle avoidance photoresistor humidity temperature

Detailed Packing list:
1* KOOKYE UNO R3 Board
24* LED(6* white/Red/Yellow/Green)
1* 8*8 Dot matrix LED display Modules
1* 4-Digit 7 segment LED display modules
1* 1-Digit 7 segment LED display modules
3* Photoressitor Modules
1* Potentionmeter Modules
1* 74HC595 Shifting register
1* I2c display modules(16*2)
1* Stepper Motor+Bridge
1* Piezo Buzzer Modules
1* SG90 servo motor
1* Tilt Sensor modules
1* DHT11 Humidity sensor modules
1* Temperature sensor modules TMP36
1* Ultrasonic module HC-SR04
1* Obstacle avoidance sensor modules
1* Infrared remote controller and receiver
5* Push buttons
1* Battery snap
1* Acrylic base plate
1* Plastic box
1* Breadboard
15* Resistors(200 ohm)
15* Resistors(470 ohm)
15* Resistors(10K ohm)
15* Resistors(1K ohm)
Jumper Wires:
49*12cm male-male
4*20cm male-male
4*25cm male-male
8*16cm female-female

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