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Make your next custom USB cable a breeze with a Micro USB Female Socket to 5-pin Terminal Block. If you need to connect to a device with a micro USB plug or maybe make your own USB OTG device or custom cable of sorts - this adapter will come in very handy: no soldering required! Just use a small screwdriver to open up the terminal blocks, slide in your stranded or solid-core wire, and re-tighten.

All the pins are labeled, which is really nice because we keep forgetting the order.

A – Pin 1 (V+)
B – Pin 2 (D-)
C – Pin 3 (D+)
D – Pin 4 (ID)
E – Pin 5 (GND)
We also carry the plug 'mating' version of this adapter.


Terminal Block Pitch: 5mm
Product Dimensions: 30.0mm x 28.0mm x 11.5mm / 1.2" x 1.1" x 0.5"
Product Weight: 10.3g

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