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Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice! We now have very useful 4-wire polarized cable sets in a waterproof variety.
These cable sets are ideal for projects that must weather the weather: dust, water, rain, snow, tornado (not volcano proof!).
Each cable has 4 color-coded conductors (red, black, white yellow) that match between the sides, for easy wiring and connectors are polarized so you can't plug them in wrong.
They are a little bulky the o-ring and removable over-screw.
The o-ring is what makes the waterproof seal, and the over-screw keeps the two halves connected solidly

Comes as a set of two cables - one plug and one jack. The total length of the connected cables is 16" (40cm).


Each half has a 7" long cable (not including the connector part)
16" total length when plugged together
4-pin polarized connector with 22AWG wires
Rated for up to 24VDC, up to 4A per connector
0.58" (15mm) diameter at widest point
0.2" (5mm) cable diameter
20 grams per set
IP67 rated
PVC Connector & Jacket

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