Odseven Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Link Kit Module 433Mhz for Arduino



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TX Technical Specifications:
Working voltage: 3V-12V
Working current: 20-28mA.
Working temperatur: -10 degree to +70 degree
Resonance mode: sound wave resonance (SAW)
Modulation mode: ASK /OOK
Working frequency: 315MHz-433.92MHz, customized frequency is available.
Transmission distance:>500m,sensitivity to -103dBm, in open areas.
Transmission power: 25mW (315MHz at 12V)
Frequency error: +150kHz (max)
Velocity: ?ü10Kbps
Self-owned codes: negative

RX Technical Specifications:
Working voltage: 5.0VDC
Static current:4MA
Working temperatur: -10 degree to +70 degree
Working principle: single chip superregeneration receiving
Working method: OOK/ASK
Working frequency: 315MHz-433.92MHz, customized frequency is available(266-433MHZ).
Bandwidth: 2MHz (315MHz, having result from testing at lowing the sensitivity 3dBm)
Sensitivity: excel ¨C100dBm (50|?)
Transmitting velocity: <9.6Kbps (at 315MHz and -95dBm)

Application :
Remote control, receiver module, motorcycle, automobile anti-car accessories, home security products, electric doors, shutter doors, windows, remote control socket, remote LED, remote stereo, remote control electric doors, remote control garage door, remote control sliding doors, remote control door volume, door tray, Remote control for door opening, system door closing ema control, remote control curtains, host, alarm, remote control motorcycle, electric remote control cars, remote control MP3.

The VCC voltage must be compatible with the module operating voltage and the power supply for filtering;
The effect on the receiving antenna module is large, then the best 1/4 wavelength of the antenna, typically 50 Ω. A single wire antenna with a length of about 17 cm 433 m is used;
It also affects the position of the receiving antenna module; install the antenna, stretched as far as possible away from the shield, high pressure and local sources of interference; The receive frequency in use, decoding and vibration resistance should be consistent with the trigger.

Package includes:
1 set. X 433mhz RF Wireless Transmitter Module and Receiver Kit for Arduino Raspberry Pi

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