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This woven conductive fabric is silver colored and made of Copper+Nickel-plated nylon. Use small pieces for soft switches, plush keypads, capacitive touch sensors, and other textile interfaces. This highly conductive fabric has a resistance of less than 1 ohm per foot in any direction across the textile. Great for use with FLORA.

Sold as a 20cm x 20cm piece (minimum dimension) Iron on medium if necessary, steam ok. Dry cleaning recommended. Discoloration can occur over time.


Weight 80 g/m2
Thickness 0.08mm
Width 1080mm
Fabric density 230T

Product Function:

Shielding Effectiveness 60(min)in 10MHz--3GHz/dB
Salt Spray(5% 48H 35℃) <0.5 Ω/sq
Surface Resistivity ≤0.05Ω/sq
Metal Adhesion over 4 grad

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