PIR Sensor Human Body Detecting HC-SR501 Module Pyroelectric U



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Automatic Induction : When someone enters its sensing range input high , people left the sensing range is automatically shut down delay high. Output low.
Photosensitive control ( optional ) : Module is reserved for position sensitive controls can be set without induction day or light intensity

Two trigger modes : L can not be repeated , H can be repeated .Jumper selectable default is H.
A. unrepeatable trigger: the sensor output high , the delay time has elapsed , the output will automatically from high to low .
B. repeatable trigger: the sensor output high , the delay period , if there is human activity in its sensing range , the output will remain high until the people left after the delay will be high level goes low ( automatically extended after sensing module detects the human body every activity a delay period of time , and with the last activity time is the starting point of the delay time ) .

With induction blocking time ( the default setting : 3-4 seconds ) : induction module after each sensor output ( high to low ) , you can set up a blockade followed by time , during this time period induction does not receive any sensor signal . This feature can be achieved ( inductive output time and blocking time ) intervals between work , can be applied to interval detection products ; at the same time this function can effectively suppress various disturbances arise during load switching .
Wide operating voltage range : DC5V default operating voltage to 20V
Micropower : quiescent current of 65 microamps , especially for battery-powered appliances.
Output high level signal : easy to achieve docking with various circuits.

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