Raspberry Pi 4B Armor Aluminum Alloy Passive Cooling Case



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  • All ports and slots of the aluminum alloy case can match with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B computer perfectly
  • Open case design, don't need to worry about affect wifi signal
  • Reinforced aluminum material, lightweight and durable, long-lasting stainless
  • With 2 or 3 pieces silicon cooling pad (the thickness is only 0.5mm) to touch the shell body to dissipate heat. You can also use the CPU grease (not included) to replace the silicon colling pad to get better heat dissipation. Note: If you think the blue Thermal Tape is not good enough for heat dissaption, you can replce it with thin cooper heat sink match with silicone grease (recommend Shin-Etsu Shin-tsu X-23-7921-5) for better heat dissaption.
  • Box Size: 100*72*35MM

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